Karangasem Regency

Karangasem Regency is located in the eastern part of Bali Island with an area of ​​839.54 km2 or 4.9% of the size of the island of Bali. The Administration of Karangasem regency is divided into 8 districts, 3 sub-district, 75 villages, 51 neighborhood, 529 banjar offices, 188 indigenous villages, and 605 custom banjo. To run the wheels of government at each level of the region headed by a district to district level, village heads / perbekel for villagers / village, head of environment for the level of the environment, and Kelian banjo banjo banjo to the level of service. Of the 83 954 ha of land area in Karangasem regency, 91.61% or 76,912 ha area is dominated by dry land and only 8.39% or an area of ​​7042 hectares are wetlands (rice fields).

The length of roads in the regency of Karangasem is 869.880 km, for length of 649.480 km district roads, the length of provincial road length of 142.800 km and 77.600 km state roads. In the field of transport recorded the number of buses is 23 pieces, 128 pieces of micro bus, mini bus / microbus 2328 fruit, fruit 1158 truck and pick up as many as 1524 pieces. Visit passenger ship in the harbor as many as 7698 pieces Padangbai crossing with the passenger flow Padangbai – Sheet which rose 619,392 people and 545,141 people who descended, while Padangbai – Nusa Penida which rose as much as 104,740 people and 75,661 people who descended. Volume unloading of goods / cargo of 680,898 tons, for vehicle wheels 4 and 2 volumes of loading and unloading as many as 183,073 vehicles and 205,144 vehicles.

Regency of Karangasem has 6 (six) Cultural tourism and 9 (nine) natural tourist attraction. Total tourist visits to the whole object in 2005 as many as 69,179 people and 74,339 domestic tourists of foreign tourists.
Object Regional Tourist Destination
Cultural Tourism Object include:
Besakih temple ,Tenganan ,Taman Ujung, Puri Agung Karangasem, Tirta Gangga, Iseh Sidemen.
Object Nature Tourism, namely:
Bukit Jambul, Padangbai, Jemeluk or amed, Tulamben, Putung, Agrotourism Salak Sibetan Garden, Telaga Waja River, Candidasa beach
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