Jemeluk or Amed

History of jemeluk
Based on local stories Jemeluk name comes from the word “menyeluk” or “ins” which means the bay. This area is famous for its life under water.
Jemeluk location or better known tourism with Amed, located in the village Purwakerti, Abang District, about 100 km from Denpasar or 21 km from Amlapura a very beautiful panorama located between sea and hills.
Facilities In the vicinity of this area can be found in restaurants, hotels, and food stalls. Visitors who want to see the panoramic view from the nearby sea can be enjoyed from the dismissal.
Jemeluk is an interesting place to visit with an amazing underwater life. Clear water make the visitors comfortable if you do the activity under the water to see tropical fish and other underwater life.
Coral reefs in Jemeluk main attraction for visitors from around the world.
In addition to the underwater panorama, we can also enjoy the beautiful scenery around the hills and charming valleys combined with the vast sea. Traditional salt-making process that made ​​the local population would be something worth witnessed.
After see this place you can continue your trip to Tulamben and The Edge Park through, Amlapura city

about diving amed

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