Bali Safari & Marine Park Jungle Hopper

Bali Safari & Marine Park

Holiday adventures should be fun, which “Bali Safari and Marine Park” provides in full measure, as well as it’s more profound and enduring mission of conservation.

Taman Safari Indonesia is an institution oriented to building tourist attractions that are attractive to visitors, environmentally friendly and that help spread the conservation message. They are the Government appointed Indonesian Center for the Reproduction of Endangered Wildlife and operate the Sumatran Tiger Rescue Team that relocates them when they come into conflict with humans.

Filled holiday in Bali and visiting Bali Safari & Marine Park, select a package Jungle Hopper. You will be invited adventure and a close look at endangered species of wild life. The combination of Balinese culture that is strong and wild, creating an impression that will not be forgotten



Delightfully Different

Capturing the ambience and authenticity of the African wilderness, Mara River Safari Lodge is a themed resort that offers a truly unique experience. Accommodation is composed of a series of comfortably appointed thatched dwellings orientated towards a landscape inhabited by wildlife.

With the shadow of Bali’s sacred Mount Agung looming in the distance, embrace the rare tranquillity of this retreat as rhinos, zebras and oryx graze contentedly at close range. Savour the raw beauty surrounding the lodge, while lions majestically roar declaring their status as king of the beasts.

IDR 797.500

valid until 31′ March 2017



  1. Safari Journey (1x)
  2. Fresh Water Aquarium
  3. Animal Show
  4. Harimau Show
  5. Elephant Show
  6. Bali Agung Show (Silver Seat)
  7. Fun Zone (1x)
  8. Waterpark
  9. Afternoon Tea at Uma Restaurant
  10. Tax included

Balinese Dance Course 10.00 – 17.00 Bale Banjar
Piranha Feeding 10.30 – 16.00 Fresh Water Aquarium
Animal Show 11.00 (Every Day) – 15.30 (Monday Only) Hanoman Stage
Elephant Bathing 11.20 Ganesha Court
Harimau Show (From Predator to Prey) 11.30 Harimau Amphitheatre
Elephant Show 12.00 – 16.30 Kampung Gajah
White Tiger Feeding 12.30, 14.00 & 16.00 Ranthambore
Croc Attack 13.00 Banyan Court
Elephant Parade (Saturday & Sunday) 09.00 – 09.30 Ranthambore – Toraja – Canyon – Main Terminal – Main Gate – Macan Baru
Balinese Dance Performance (Sunday/ Holiday) 12.30 Bale Banjar
Bali Agung Performance (Everyday except Monday) 14.30 Bali Theatre
  • * Monday Only
  • ** Except Monday
The show schedules and/or other activities are subject to chage or cancel due to weather cirumstances and on the condition of the animals………………

Safari Journey

Our exciting and adventurous Safari Journey is one of our signature activities here at the park that takes the visitor through the habitats of Indonesia, India and Africa.

Coming face to face with many animals, the visitor has the opportunity to see our wildlife living naturally all together in these open range regions and you get to take as many photos as you like, all from the comfort and safety of your air conditioned safari tram, with your very own personal guide!

Get “up close” and personal with the animals as they approach your window side. Take pleasure when you plunge into “Lake Manyara” where the Hippopotamus hang out all day to keep cool, get close enough to count the zebra”s stripes, enter the Lion”s den if you dare! Do your best to spot the tigers hiding in the dense jungle and be captivated by the enormous size of our male White Rhinoceros named Nelson.

We proudly invite you to come and experience the riches of wildlife right here at the Bali Safari & Marine Park”s beautifully landscaped natural habitat setting that is home to our many magnificent animals. Your personal Safari guides are awaiting your arrival, so please be sure to bring all your wildlife questions along with you and our guides will be happy to help you learn more about the wonderful world of animals the next time you visit us here at the park.

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