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Leopard Package

Upon arrival at Lobby Barong, visitors can view Javan leopards, Sinyulong crocodiles and many varieties of fish. From there they venture past the Hindu Temple to the traditional market, steeped in Balinese atmosphere. Here Balinese dance classes are held in the Bale Banjar (see schedule for times) there are Barong dances performed in the market (see schedule) and dance performances in the Uma Restaurant (see schedule). Children’s pony rides are also available here.


  • Safari Journey trip ( 2 times )
  • Front of the line
  • Fresh Water Aquarium
  • Animal Encounter ( unlimited)
  • Water Park
  • Fun zone ride ( 1 time )
  • Welcome drink
  • Lunch at Uma Restaurant (set menu)
  • Elephant Ride
  • Souvenirs

Valid :  new publish rate of each package
from 1 April 2012:*

Adult: Publish rate   USD 99

Child: Publish rate    USD 85

Size : 2-3 m.

Weight : 135-225 kg.

Life span : Average probably not more than 15 years in the wild. 16-18 years in controlled environments.

Conservation Status: Endangered

Ranthambore is a national park and tiger reserve in Rajasthan state of western India. the park lies at the edge of a plateau, and is bounded to the north by the Banas River and to the south by the Chambal River. there are several lakes in the park. it is named for the historic Ranthambore fortress, which lies within the national park. the park covers an area of 392 km2, and is famous for its tiger population, and is one of India’s Project Tiger reserves. in 1972 the Indian government conducted their first ever census operation on the tiger. on the same year, the original “Tiger Task Force” had selected nine areas to become special reserves, and in 1973 “Project Tiger” was inaugurated in Corcett National Park in Uttar Pradesh. By 1974 Ranthambore had also been designated a “Project Tiger” reserve. it got it’s status of a National Park in 1981.

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