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Devdan Show Nusa Dua Theather

Devdan – treasure of the archipelago is a new stage performance “spectacular” in Bali; it is a high-energy visual tour of Indonesia’s culture and diversity. This Bali show features a fusion of traditional Indonesian dance activities with modern contemporary dance, world-class aerial acrobatic attractions, dazzling costumes and hi-tech special effects. During the 90-minute performance, the audience is taken on a magical whirlwind tour of the Indonesian Archipelago. The performance is unique because of its focus on the diversity of cultures across Indonesia, from Bali to Sumatra, Java, Borneo and Papua with an extensive array of special effects, acrobatics and Traditional dance. In addition to the diversity and uniqueness of the traditional dances, costumes and music from around Indonesia, deliberately blended into the performance is contemporary music and “hip hop” dance, making the show very dynamic and entertaining for audiences of all ages from around the world.

The show is one of the most amazing Bali attractions and ensures to provide a perfect choice to fulfill your entertainment activities during your stay in Bali. The show was created in Bali with the aspiration to introduce and entertain guests with the artistic and natural attractions that are alive in Bali and Indonesia. The show is performing four times per week at Bali’s newest and most advanced theatrical complex’s located in the heart of Nusa Dua Bali, Bali’s number one tourist and entertainment area. Acrobats and Artists from around Indonesia are ensured to provide guests with one of the most memorable attractions during their visit to Bali. Be sure to book your seat early and get ready for the most amazing Bali show available

Show Schedule

Show Times:

Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday at 19:30 Wita

Show Duration:

Approximatelly 90 minutes


Category VIP A B  
Adult IDR 1.460.000,- IDR 1000.000,- IDR 750.000,-  
Child ( 4 years old -12 years old) IDR 1.300.000 980.000            700000
Seat View Prime Prime Good  
Seat Width 90 cm – Leather Lazy Boys 60 cm 60 cm 60 cm
Souvenir Yes
Transport (Min 2 Adults)
Area : Nusa Dua, Tanjung Benoa, Jimbaran, Kuta and Sanur
Yes Yes Yes NONE
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Bali Safari & Marine Park Jungle Hopper

Bali Safari & Marine Park

Holiday adventures should be fun, which “Bali Safari and Marine Park” provides in full measure, as well as it’s more profound and enduring mission of conservation.

Taman Safari Indonesia is an institution oriented to building tourist attractions that are attractive to visitors, environmentally friendly and that help spread the conservation message. They are the Government appointed Indonesian Center for the Reproduction of Endangered Wildlife and operate the Sumatran Tiger Rescue Team that relocates them when they come into conflict with humans.

Filled holiday in Bali and visiting Bali Safari & Marine Park, select a package Jungle Hopper. You will be invited adventure and a close look at endangered species of wild life. The combination of Balinese culture that is strong and wild, creating an impression that will not be forgotten



Delightfully Different

Capturing the ambience and authenticity of the African wilderness, Mara River Safari Lodge is a themed resort that offers a truly unique experience. Accommodation is composed of a series of comfortably appointed thatched dwellings orientated towards a landscape inhabited by wildlife.

With the shadow of Bali’s sacred Mount Agung looming in the distance, embrace the rare tranquillity of this retreat as rhinos, zebras and oryx graze contentedly at close range. Savour the raw beauty surrounding the lodge, while lions majestically roar declaring their status as king of the beasts.

IDR 797.500

valid until 31′ March 2017


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Breakfast with Elephants at Bali Zoo

Breakfast With Elephant

Bali Zoo is excited to offer a fun and unique new alternative start to the day; Bali’s first and only “Breakfast with Elephants”. This programme starts with an early morning pick up at the hotel and a journey to the zoo in the Zoo’s distinctive van.

Upon arriving at the zoo, the wild has just woken up and, along with the amazing sounds of the gibbons and birds’ dawn chorus, guests will be welcomed by our gentle giant Sumatran elephants who host you at their playground for breakfast. Starting with croissants, Danish pastries and a fresh tropical fruit salad with yogurt, choice of all American breakfast, Continental breakfast or Balinese style nasi goreng will be served along with choice of tea, coffee and fruit juices.

Whilst enjoying the most important meal of the day, guests can also observe the close bond and interaction of the magnificent creatures with their ‘mahout’ and be amazed to learn how close the connection is between the ‘mahout’ and their elephant.

Once breakfast is concluded, hop on and enjoy a ride on top of the elephant’s back where they will take you on a tour around their home. You will experience an unforgettable enjoyment of having the rare and extraordinary adventure of riding the biggest walking mammal on Earth.

After the tour, guests will be taken back to the starting point where a memento as a friendship token of the treasured moments together with them during your visit be presented, as the elephant’s now consider you as one of their new close friends.


Breakfast : 08:15 AM – 09:00 AM

Enjoy a breakfast along with elephants

Elephant Ride : 09:15 -10:00 am

30-minute elephant ride.


Adult                                                   US$ 78

Child (2 – 12 years old)                      US$ 56

* infants under 2 years old are free


Includes :

Hotel return transfers*, full breakfast, 30 minute elephant ride, souvenirs and insurance.


*pick up time :

07.00 – 07.30 am (Kuta, Legian, Seminyak, Nusa Dua, Jimbaran)

07.30 – 08.00 am (Sanur, Ubud)

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Taman Nusa Bali

“See Indonesia in One Afternoon”

Taman Nusa is a cultural park that aims to offer a comprehensive information on the cultures of Indonesia’s various ethnic groups in an attractive and interactive way, while enjoying the natural beauty of Bali. Its mission is to provide a conservation, didactic and recreative means for both domestic and foreign visitors to accurately understand the depiction of Indonesia.

Situated on 15 hectares of land, visitors are invited to explore and experience Indonesia’s journey throughout the ages beginning from the prehistory, bronze age, kingdoms, and an archipelago of Indonesian cultures. The journey continues to the early national era, independence, modern times and finally to the nation’s future.


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Zoo Explorer Ticket

Animal Encounters

Come and experience Bali’s most unique photo opportunity as you sit up close and personal with our tame animals during our animals encounters session.

Daily session from 1 PM and 4 PM in the Elephant View Restaurant.

Get up close and personal for a petting and photo session with our assortment of exotic fauna. See what the scales on a fresh water crocodile and python or the fur of a binturong and tiger cub feel like then have your photo taken with these tame creatures. Our Bali Zoo staff will gladly take a photo for you or assist in taking one with your own camera.

Daily shows at 1 PM and 4 PM in the Elephant View Restaurant.

Feed The Animal

You can buy fruit for the animals at next to ticket counter to feed wallabies, deer, gibbons in gibbon islands, sun bear, orangutan, camels, etc. And also have a go, feed our wild animals such as crocodiles, tigers and lions with help of our keeper.

Watch our African lions, tigers and crocodiles come alive as you feed them from afar for this exclusive and interactive Bali opportunity.  Or treat the entire family to a unique chance to hand feed our tame wallabies, deer, gibbons sun bears, orangutan, camels, pelicans and more.




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Night At The Bali Zoo

The Kingdom by Night…As the day cools, the sun sets, and twilight takes over, prepare yourself for a completely unique island adventure tour where you are invited to enjoy, observe and interact with our exotic assortment of animals in their nocturnal habitats.


Begin the evening’s escapade at the Bali Zoo with our elephant encounters and feeding experience. You’ll meet our gentle pachyderms and see how it feels to actually feed these amazing mammals by hand. Then head over to our restaurant for a petting and photo session with our tame Borneo bear cat, scaly python and even a Sumatran Sinyulong freshwater crocodile.


Continue your tour with a guided walk through the Bali Zoo in which your senses will come alive to the natural sights and sounds of our tropical menagerie at night followed by a dramatic fire dance performance to entertain you before dinner.  Your special evening concludes with a sit down al fresco feast under the stars next to our open-air lion enclosure where you’ll be dining only a few meters from our resident king of the jungle and his pride of adorable lion cubs.

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Bali Zoo Half Day Tours


Bali Zoo is a private zoo, Balinese owner with 130 staff working together as a family. The zoo set in 12 acres lush tropical garden and flowers surrounded, very up market zoo wtih 100s quality build habitats including petting area for animals, walk through bird aviaries, Gibbon Islands, and Komodo Dragon cage and latest open range for african lions den.

We set out to provide an experience for our visitors that like no other. One of our aims is to encourage interaction between our guest and the animals. It’s a truly ” Hands-on Experience “. From the moment you enter the gate you can hold and take picture with our tropical birds, feed the animals and much more..

Friendly and welcoming environment make a personal tour, our affordable entrance fees means fun day out for the family

We are able to provide catering for tour groups, schools, or private function such as birthday party, or corporate function. We are easily accessed from all local famous tourism destinations, such as the centre of culture, art and craft, beaches or regional shopping centres.

Our zoo is completely accesible for disabled by way off concrate paths and the zoo is covered under public liability

Zoo Admission only  USD 24  / adult

Bali Zoo Half Day Tours   duration approx 5 hours

  • price                       USD 35 /adult   
  • price                       USD 25 /child
  • price                        USD  100/family ( 2 adlt +2 child )


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Tiger ticket Bali Safari & Marine Park

Fresh Water Aquarium

Fresh Water Aquarium is the only place that you can see thousand of fish with any shapes that come from many rivers around the world. There are almost 40 species of fish in this area that   was opened in late 2009. Combining biodiversity themed dense vegetation, you can see super red arowana the famous fish from Kalimantan. You can also have closer   encounter with the white tip shark in our touch pool.

The moment that you should overlook is the feeding time. We will show you how the furious piranha, the stunning yellow fish even the almost 3 meter in length of Arapaima get feed by   the keeper.

Watch Piranha Feeding, daily at 10.30 am & 04.00 pm

Feeding Time

 Activity Day Time
 White Tiger Everyday 12.30, 14.00 & 16.00
 Piranha Everyday 10.30 & 15.00

Ticket  Publish     Tiger               USD 69/adult

Book here              Tiger  only      USD 61 / adult

Ticket  Publish     Tiger              USD 59/ child ( aged between 3-12 years )

Book here               Tiger  only    USD 55 / child ( aged between 3-12 years )


  • Safari Journey trip ( 1 time )
  • Animal Educational show
  • Bali Agung Performance ** Gold  ( every day , except Monday is closed for maintenance )
  • Elephant Educational show
  • Elephant Ride ( 10 minute ) or camel ride
  • Fresh Water Aquarium
  • Water Park
  • Fun zone ride unlimited
  • Meal at Uma Restaurant  ( Taste the Balinese heritage traditional recipe!
    The main restaurant with a seating capacity for 800 guests, Uma (means Paddy-field) Restaurant is an All-day Dining with a village theme serving International, Asian, and local specialties prepared freshly from our open-concept counters. )



A massive performance by 150 Bali’s most talented dancers and performers with dozens of live animals directed by an internationally acclaimed director and producer, Bali Agung is a new spectacular show highlighting the emergence of Bali as a prosperous island and attracting people from around the globe almost a millennium ago.

The first of its kind in Bali, Bali Agung is a totally visual show of effervescent arts, talented dancers, lives exotic animals, unique puppets, vibrant costumes, sophisticated sound and lighting on an advanced multimedia stage in a huge modern theatre.

Its story stems from a historical account of how the island’s mesmerizing beauty and its hardworking yet charming people made Bali a world class destination around 900 years ago. This is vividly described on stage through the legendary marriage of a Bali king and a Chinese princess.

Audience will be taken back to a bygone era when farming was the island’s sole and most rewarding economy, with various exotic animals wandering freely in Bali’s forests, children absorbed in their traditional games and markets that were busy with people exchanging goods, with lots of smiles and laughter.

The island’s surplus farming produce attracted many foreign traders. It was in this era when the Chinese superior technology in metal-related manufacturing, porcelain and ceramic products came to meet the island’s demand. So close was the relationship that many of the Chinese cultural aspects were, and still are, seamlessly adopted into today’s Hindu tradition. Replicas of holed Chinese coins can be seen at temples throughout the land, barong dances are performed frequently and dragon effigies can be seen nearly everywhere.

All of this will be shown daily in the ultra modern, yet classic mega theatre, which is the first ever built in Bali to especially cater for international spectators. Special features include a parade of ten live elephants (indeed, the Bali kings travelled around the island astride one of these giant mammoths), a real river pond with traditional boa skippers voyaging on it, a dalang puppet master retelling the kingdom’s history and a number exotic animals including tigers, deer, and many kinds of live birds enhancing the show.

The dazzling speed of the performance as it moves from one scene to another and the thundering sound of a beautifully married orchestral score with a live Bali’s pentatonic gamelan ensemble and ear piercing Chinese cymbals and drums, guarantees audiences something they will remember long after the performance is finished.

Bali Agung is a show by the island’s most applauded performers and directed by an internationally acclaimed theatrical legend and is about the origin of Bali’s truth-seeking life based on their much-admired Hindu Dharma philosophy.

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Leopard Package BaliMarine Park

Leopard Package

Upon arrival at Lobby Barong, visitors can view Javan leopards, Sinyulong crocodiles and many varieties of fish. From there they venture past the Hindu Temple to the traditional market, steeped in Balinese atmosphere. Here Balinese dance classes are held in the Bale Banjar (see schedule for times) there are Barong dances performed in the market (see schedule) and dance performances in the Uma Restaurant (see schedule). Children’s pony rides are also available here.


  • Safari Journey trip ( 2 times )
  • Front of the line
  • Fresh Water Aquarium
  • Animal Encounter ( unlimited)
  • Water Park
  • Fun zone ride ( 1 time )
  • Welcome drink
  • Lunch at Uma Restaurant (set menu)
  • Elephant Ride
  • Souvenirs

Valid :  new publish rate of each package
from 1 April 2012:*

Adult: Publish rate   USD 99

Child: Publish rate    USD 85

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Bali Bird park


The largest and finest collection of indonesian birds in the world, plus exotic birds in the world, plus exotic bird from Africa & South America.

within two hectares of bonical landscape, the park rovides sanctuary to almost 1000 birds of 250 different species.

Find yourself at the Bali Bird Park to witness the largest and finest collection of Indonesian birds in the world plus fantastic birds from Africa & South America.

Encompassing two hectares of botanical landscape, the park provides sanctuary to almost 1000 birds of 250 different species.

Our innovative approach towards the display of rare and tropical birds has progressed from traditional exhibits to that of showcasing mixed species in their natural habitats & in large walk in Aviaries and free range throughout the park.

The park accommodates an amazing display of flora with more then 2000 tropical plants including 50 varieties of palms alone and attracting numerous butterflies.

Incorporating a breeding, research and veterinary facility within the complex, the park has a high success rate in the captive reproduction of exotic birds such as the Bird. of Paradise and Hornbill.


The Birds of Paradise, which are confined to the island of New Guinea and a few adjacent areas, include Manu codes, sicklebills, riflebirds and satrapies. Thirty species are found in Iran Jaya. Native tribes have long used their remarkable plumage for ritual adornment, but the first amazing reports of their exquisite beauty did not reach Europe until the mid-16th century.

Their name reflects the belief of early Portuguese explorers that such feathers could only belong to angels, and must come from paradise itself. Wholesale slaughter a century ago to supply the passion trade provoked an early backlash, which saved many species certain extinction.

What Can I see

Join us for an adventure that has no boundaries as we take you on a journey across the Indonesian archipelago, Latin America and South Africa.

The park is divided into regions that recreate the natural habitats of our birds, complete with indigenous plant life and traditional artefacts for authenticity.

Experience the original Jungle birds of Bali and encounter the world’s rarest bird, the Bali Starling.

Discover the exotic birds of Papua and one of the most comprehensive collections of Bird of Paradise in the whole world.

Travel to Far East Indonesia, home to an amazing array of birds as well as the extraordinary Komodo Dragon, a giant carnivorous lizard which is a direct descendant of the dinosaur and rarely seen in captivity.

See the fantastic Javan Hawk and Serpent Eagles – & listen to the sweet sounds of Java’s song birds echoing through the foliage.

Visit the deep jungle and misty mountain ranges of Sumatra for rare and strange endemic birds.

Venture to other tropical continents to view our collection of South American exotics such as the Scarlet Macaw and Toucan, witness the Congo Grey Parrot and other birds of the African Savannah.
See Cassowaries, Cranes, Storks & Pelicans and many more birds as they wander freely living and breeding uninhibited throughout the park.

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