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Maya Cave Eco Bayan Trekking

Goa Maya Cave is located in the west side of Petanu River in a small village called Bayad. The name "Goa" means cave and "Maya" means sacred, and it is the sacred Hindu Cave. During 11 A.D., there was a battle between the God Bhatara Indra against the evil spirit of Raja Mayadenawa in Tanah Pegat in the northern part of the Petanu River. God Bhatara Indra won the battle and got immortality from Bhatara Siwa. He then built the Goa Maya cave as a place for meditation.

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If you wish to combined sightseeing with an adventure into one, this trip is the right choice. First, we will proceed you to Royal family temple of MENGWI that built in 14th century, then when the time comes to explore the hidden rice terraces our professional guide will share

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