Denpasar City

Denpasar at a glimpse

As the Capital City of Bali, Denpasar has many places of interest that are worth seen. As usual, we would like to warn you to be careful while crossing are street in Denpasar. Motorist and riders prefers to blow their horns rather than put on their brakes! Therefore, we advise you to rise and wave your hand while cross the street confidently rather than doubtful.

By doing this, you will force the motorist to give you a chance to cross the street. Besides being known as an administration and business center, Denpasar is also known as an educational center. There are at least 16 univercities available in the city as well as hundreds of school such as kindergartens, elementary, and high schools. For tour of Denpasar, you’d better started from Puputan Badung Square, at the center of the city. The garden square is usually crowded in the afternoon when families bring their children to play around. At the east of the square is a Hindu temple called Pura Agung Jaganatha which is visited by Hindu followers on special occasions such as on the night of the full moon and new moon. Next to the temple there is the Bali Museum, which has the most comprehensive collection to artifacts and record of Balinese history from the prehistoric to the Second World War.

The museum displays ancients weapons such as Keris (traditional daggers) and other traditional weapons, clothes, ceramics and other historical artifacts. The museum opens from 08.00 AM – 03.00 PM, is closed on Saturday and public holidays. In the eastern part of the city you will find the Bali Arts Center and ISI (the Fine Arts Institute), a center for art education including dancing and the ‘karawitan’ (music or gamelan). To the far is of Denpasar is Sanur and Padanggalak beach which is often visited by people and students during the holidays season. For those who like shopping in Denpasar shopping center both for traditional markets and modern supermarkets that are easily found in the city are recommended. The Badung and Kumbasari markets open around the clock. Early in the morning you can witness farmers selling their harvest to market stall owners.

These transactions started at about midnight and run to four in the morning; then from 04.00-08.00 AM the trader s sell fruits, vegetables and other produce to local customers. From 08.00 AM to 02.00 PM the clothes and home appliances shops open, while in the evening you can enjoy the night market or pasar senggol which sell all kinds of delicious dishes until midnight. Beside these two market, you can go to another night market called pasar senggol Angsoka Kreneng. Denpasar has also several royal palaces (puri). The original Puri Denpasar was destroyed by the Dutch in 1906, it’s at the north of Puputan Badung square and is currently used as the State House for the Governor of Bali – it is called the Jaya Sabha building.

The remaining palaces of the Kingdom of Denpasar are: Puri Satria (Jl. Veteran, 200m northern of Puputan Badung Square), Puri Pemecutan (Jl. Thamrin, 200m western Denpasar), Puri Kesiman (Jl. WR. Supratman, 2km eastern Denpasar) and Puri Jero Kuta (on Jl. Dr. Sutomo 500m north-west). While you are in Denpasar, you can rent a dokar (a traditional horse-drawn buggy). You pay around Rp. 50.000 and the dokar driver will take you around the city to the Bali Museum and traditional market. Dokars which can carry 2 or 3 adult passengers attract many tourist. However, be careful if you are about to get off. The horse might move around a bit as to load lightens… more  

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