Gianyar Regency

Gianyar is one of the 9 regents of Bali Province. Astronomically, it stretches on between 8°18°48° and 8°38°58° south latitude and 115°22°23° east longitude. It is limited with Bangli regent in the north, Klungkung in the east , Badung  in the west and Denpasar City in the south.

The large of Gianyar regent is 368 Km² or 36.800 ha spreading over 7 districts. Administratively, it  consists of 63 villages, 6 kelurahan, 541 banjar agency, 269 cultural village and 515 subak (Balinese Irrigation System). Total population of the regent based on the data in 2004 is 422.186 in detail of 214.903 males (50.90%) and 207.293 females (49.10%) with density level reaching to 1.147 person/km². Such measure refers to the local people activities mostly farming to make use of the flat fields in the region.


In each regent of Bali province generally has rivers. The total of 247 rivers in Bali, 13 rivers are located in Gianyar.

People in region utilize the river water flowing for farm and to meet other needs. Along with the rise of tourism industry in Bali, watershed utilized for tourism needs. The main important rivers in Gianyar are Wos River with 45.5 Km long, Petanu – 37 km long, Sangsang – 36 km long, Yeh Hoo – 22 km long, Ayung, Yeh Embang, Yeh Mumbul and Balian River.


Gianyar regent has a long coast ranging to 20 km. it is generally forming a sloping beach, except in some places quite steep because of the soil abrasion surrounding.

The beach stretches with its black sand, and the surrounding communities have not utilized such potentiality. Yet, only a few fishermen with their traditional out fit is able to catch the chance.  However, along with the growing business blooming every where amount of capitalists begin invest their capital in shrimp aquaculture. Utilizing the potentiality of coastal area is now unavoidable into tourism destination like surfing, especially in Masceti Keramas Beach. The policy of raising eastern Gianyar as a tourist resort is expected to be more enlivening the utilization of coastal potentiality in the area.

Ubud is part of Gianyar regency. Sub with 7 villages and 1 municipality is arguably the region that lucky. Tourism activities in the District of Ubud grow and develop and able to provide accumulation of various sectors, including services such as hospitality, banking and various art activities craft industry………….

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