Goa Lawah temple

Like bats squeaked incessantly at Pura Goa Lawah this all day-all night. Goa Lawah temple is located in the District of Dawan, Klungkung and be northern lane arterial road between the capital city-Kab.Klungkung Semarapuira, towards the east toward the capital city of Amlapura-Kab . Karangasem. Jarak Pura Goa Lawah from Denpasar-Bali provincial capital about 49 KM or 10 KM east of the city Semarapura.

Position Lawah Goa is located at coordinates 8 degrees, 31 minutes south latitude and 115 degrees, 30 minutes east longitude at an altitude of about 5 meters from sea level tide highest.  Pura inhabited thousands of these bats have the status as KahyanganJjagat, in this place heaven Sad sthana Ida Sang Hyang Bhuwana Basukih and according to Padma, the temple is being directed southeast as the position of god Maheswara. Such as big pretend other Goda, it was difficult to know exactly who the founders and when the establishment of this Lawah Pura Goa. It is estimated Maha Pandita Kuturan MPU has historical ties with the establishment and existence of this temple.

Dang Hyang Nirartha era government is Maha Pandita Dalem Waturenggong else has ever come to this place. Pura Goa Pengemong Lawah is customary kramadesa Pesinggahan. In the months-sasih pretty good and the good days-rahina subhadiwasa, many Hindus came to this place. In this temple of Hindus perform ceremonies Nyegara Mountain, its location is on the seashore and mountain. Just a few yards south of the temple there is the beach while the mountain itself is represented by the hill where the temple and the cave is located. It is said that Goa is translucent to Mount Agung and estimated a former underground streams.

Ceremony or Ceremony Ngajar-ajar/Majar-ajar Nyegara Mountain itself is a continuation of the ritual ceremony Pitra Yadnya in this case than wiped level, Mamukur until Maligia Punggel in connection with the ceremony Ngalinggihan Dewa Pitara in Sanggah Pamerajan. Besides Mount Nyegara Ceremony was held also in connection with the completion of a god Yadnya ceremony.

In connection with the operation of maintenance of the noetic or spiritual temple in the temple ceremony was held Pujawali piodalan or once every 210 days to coincide with the day or Tuesday Keliwon Anggara  wuku Medangsia with degrees ceremony: Padudusan Agung Alit and Padudusan held alternately.

While the physical maintenance and development, Pura Goa Lawah that be cared by kramadesa Pasinggahan, should be able to follow the maintenance and development of a temple Goda Goda Jagat particularly Sad. Operation of maintenance in the form of the ceremony as well as physical maintenance should also be a concern all Hindus. Special attention, should be cultivated for the planting of fruit bat food needed so life-time guarantee of backwards, in addition to the need planting flowers and trees in harmony with the concept of structuring a temple.

Orientation praying on the beach heading south or into the sea. While praying at the temple orientation towards Goa Goa Lawah or towards the north. Above the hill there is also a temple Namely: Pura Pucak Sari.
Palebahan or temple area is divided over Tri Mandala: Offal, as the main theater where the cave is located with several major Pelinggih; Middle Jaba, as an intermediate mandala is filled with some pelinggih and Jaba Side of Goa is a beach or ocean Bat Semarapura separated by a road-Amlapura
with Jaba area middle and innards.

This temple has a special attraction for tourists because of the existence of its own cave and temple building and the activities of people praying. This temple has adequate facilities, such as parking, Wantilan, urinal / toilet as well as some good shelter for pemedek or domestic and foreign tourists. All these facilities should be reorganized so that the proper function and is always clean and tidy.  See more about goa lawah tours

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