Sanur Village Festival

The sunrise and serenity are here once again for festivity….
We are pleased to announce the seventh Sanur Village Festival set for September 26 – 30, 2012 located at cottages area of Inna Grand Bali Beach, Sanur. “Salampah Laku” is preferred as the event’s theme this year, reflecting the long winding road we’ve been through to make it successful as everyone takes pleasure in every year. We are indeed not stopping at this point, as time progresses we commit to improve and provide visitors the best Sanur has to offer through various fascinating activities and services.

An array of routine programs will certainly flourish Sanur Village Festival this year with the main attraction set at the food festival area combined with a wide range of entertainments from traditional and modern collaborations. Not to forget our green programs that have been appending with us since the first celebration such the beach cleaning campaign, coral reef conservation, baby turtle release and tree plantation. Other interesting activities also take place around Sanur area in conjunction with Sanur Village festival like Golf tournament, jukung exhibition, kite festival and more.

With all fascinations await, we once again invite you all to get involved in this 5-day engagement not just visiting and enjoy your time with us, but also your contribution would be greatly appreciated by the event’s committee and the community of Sanur. Let’s get together hand in hand to support this event to be internationally recognized and together we promote to map Sanur as one of the major tourist entity in the world.

Sanur Village Festival – 7th EDITION – Programs

Body Painting Exotic wrapped on a Festival

DENPASAR :The beauty of a woman’s body is sometimes known even further in the alloy composition of colors. A female body be imaged back in painting 2-dimensional bodies fused together in three dimensions. When canvas substantially being a medium work of art then beautiful women-beautiful body would replace it.
Body Painting is giving a Sanur Village Festival thematic, work with æstheticsforcement involving a number of a model for painted. A number of model will determine how an artist produced the art and become an attractive activities for the audience, number of spontaneous motion will be enjoyed besides beauty and comeliness model being touched by canvas into an art work. The presence of body painting becomes an activity that is always eagerly anticipated by the fine art public at Sanur Village Festival.

The fine art coordinator at the 7th Sanur Village Festival, Ida BagusSutama has mentioned that there will be a numbers of models being prepared by the committee, the artist will be responded on the body of the model to produce a fie art on top of the female body. Body painting itself will be held on the 28th September 2012, start from 16.00 WITA. “We are always featuring body painting as a flagship program since it is very eagerly awaited by visitors, and here is the role of the fine arts  can directly in touch with visitors” said Gus Sutama a couple of days a go  at the 7th Sanur Village Festival secretariat office.

Body Painting activity is wrapped from painting directly on top of the female body at the appointed spot, then finished by the catwalk parade on the stage as an integration between fine art and fashion show.

Based on the fundamental concept of the fine art, this year the 7th Sanur Village Festival will have daily painting on the spot at the venue apart from body painting. The fine art program is expected to collaborate with the other evening program at the 7th Sanur Village venue where there will be many visitors coming in and enjoy the festival, said Gus Sutama added.

Public fine art for the 7th Sanur Village Festival will attract visitors, where the visitor is also part of the area of space exploration, visitors will interact through art, perceived as intimate parts that can be enjoyed and appreciated. Through the 7th Sanur Village Festival, art present as attractions as well as a bridge for dialogue spaces that can be created by pliable in the festival.

Fishing Tournament is back at the 7th Sanur Village Festival

DENPASAR; the 7th Sanur Village Festival will present the Fishing Tournament on the 29th September 2012.

The Coordinator of fishing tournament at the 7th Sanur Village Festival, Yogi Santika, explained the the fishing tournament will be start from 5.00 in th emorning up to 13.00 in the afternoon. “We will use the jigging fishing technique and open for public” said Yogi lately.

According to Yogi, the fishing tournament is specialized on trevally family such as gian trevally, yellow fin trevally, big eye trevally, golden trevally, and blue fin trevally. Appart from trevally, rubby snapper, red bass, green job fish, kurisi aju from snapper family and amber jack as well as tunnus species is being competed.

The areas of fishing tournament will be based at Semawang Beach. The northern areas of the tournament will be Kusamba Beach at Klungkung, Eastern areas is BatuBolong, and the Southern will be at Geger Beach (Nikko Hotel).

Yogi describes assessment system for I-V champion based on the heaviest fish obtained by the individual participants from the species contested. Champion of the heaviest fish species are rated from each of the five types of fish that is contested. A fish that already get a champion I-V will not be counted again in the champion species.

In addition there the best captain is the captain of jukung constituents that won the tournament. Total Prize of Rp 44.250.000 with details of the champion’s trophy, certificate and money worth Rp 15,000,000; Runner up will bring Rp 10.000.000; third place, will also bring trophy, certificate and money worth Rp 7.500.000; fourth place, certificate and money worth Rp 5,000,000; and the fifth rank, also certificate and money worth Rp 2,500,000. The winner of each Species Champion will get certificate and money worth Rp 750,000.

To participate on the tournament, registration can be done by calling 0856 371 1605 or emailed to for further information. The registration fees are Rp 250.000.00 for a limited 150 participants.

Sanur Auto Classic III Classic Automotive Contest at the 7thSanur Village Festival

DENPASAR: 17 classic automotive clubs will join the 7thSanur Village Festival 2012 in various contest and tournament activity under Sanur Auto Classic III.

The coordinator of Sanur Auto Classic III at the 7thSanur Village Festival, NyomanKomingSuyadi explained that Sanur Auto Classic were founded because there are numbers of collectors and classic automotive lovers in Sanur, and has became one of the activity at Sanur Village Festival since then. In addition the main ideas of this activity is providing a space for meet and greets among collectors as well classic automotive lovers in Bali.

According to Sumadi, under relax and friendship situation, participants could directly interact with visitors both locally and internationally. Other activities on Sanur Automotive Classic III will be the exhibition of the automotive collection, comtest, tournaments as well as live music and dancers performance.

Sumadi also mentioned that this activity is the continuity of the succeed of Sanur Auto Classic I & II on the previous year. This event becomes a new magnet in supporting the main program of Sanur Village Festival. Since the increasing of the demands of this activity, this year we come back in a better wrapping, he add.

TeguhIgoBladoSetiabudi, the other committee said, this classic automotive gathering will helping in introduce Sanur as a village that keep maintain the heritage. The existenceof classic vehicle will also improve the culture in Sanur.

Various activity will be presented, such as automotive gathering, classic cars and motor contest, modification contest, rolling thunder and live performance. As the series program of the 7thSanur Village Festival, this event will be done on 5th – 7th October 2012 at Mertasari Beach Area.

Participants of car’s club are PPMKI (Indonesian Vintage Car’s Owner Association), BVD (Bali Volkswagen Division), Holic(Holden Club), Land Rover Owner Club, Fiat Club, Morris Club, Safari Jeep Community and Bali Willy’s Club. Whereas the motor’s club are HMT (Vintage Motor Association), Radical, KudaBesi, SSC (Sanur Scooter Community), Hill Angels, Chopper Heroes, Jumiwa, Denpasar CB Club, and Deus ex MachinaCanggu.

As part of the event, there will be also a car parade with the route of  PantaiMertasari – Jl. By Pass NgurahRai – Jl. Hangtuah – Jl. Niti Mandala Renon – Jl. DewiSartika – Jl. Diponegoro–Puputan – Jl. Surapati – Jl. HayamWuruk – Jl. By Pass NgurahRai – Jl. DanauTamblingan – Jl. CemarakembalikePantaiMertasari (*)

Culinary Festival in the village of Sanur, A Local and International Dialogue

After running six sequential successful festivals, Sanur Village festival has been transformedto be the most expected annual event for the citizens and loyal visitors of Sanur Village Festival both locally and internationally.  A visit to the Sanur Village Festival is a visit to the Sanur (go to Sanur), which became an icon for itvarious programs.

Along with the development of Sanur, this village has been attracting visitors that spend most of their time in enjoying the various culinary such as Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Thailand, Indian and many more. Culinary in Sanur has been developed to suit the needs from time to time, therefore as a part of the festival, through this culinary festival, Sanur Village Festival is maintaining the elegancy of both restaurant and warung in order to provide a cozy place during the festival.

Best way to explore the culinary in Sanur is by starting the day with “NasiCampurAyam” or fish with its special sauce and vegetable at Warung Men Weti, WarungAdi, WarungJukutUndis, WarungKhrisna and other small warung’s along Matahariterbit Beach. Next culinary stop in the afternoon could be done at WarungMakbeng, Warung Bu Nur and Warungada, famous with their speciality of deep fried fish, head fish soup with prawn paste sambal.

In the evening, should not miss the dinner along by Pass NgurahRai or JalanDanauTamblingan, Sindhu market with its night food court offering various foods both Balinese or nationally like Javanese, Madura, Sumatra as well as Chinese food in an affordable price.

Still in JalanDanauTamblingan, visitors could enjoy lunch or even dinner at international restaurants offering various taste for domestic or overseas tourists. Those are The Village, Massimo and La Barca that offered Italian food. Café Batujimbar served Indonesian and western food, Ryoshi for those whose looking for Japanese food. On the southern part, such as JalanCemara, there will be some must visited restaurants such as Mago, Double Duch, Cat and Fidle also Mezzanine. For those who like to enjoy music and sport could visit Arena Sport Café in Jalan by Pass NurgahRai, Lazer in jalanDanauTamblingan, or Stadium in JalanCemara Sanur.

To challenge connoisseur coffee visitors in sanur can enjoy various coffee ranging from coffee Bali, selected Italian coffee, as well as coffee civet, a coffee that made from a natural fermentation from a digestive system of a civet which has a very strong coffee taste and smell. Kopi Bali House is the place for the connoisseur coffee visitors to enjoy selections of coffee either lunch or dinner.

Arena Sport Restaurant and Jazz Bar and Grill has been very active to invite musicians both nationally and Internationally to accompany visitors during dinner in Sanur. Not only those restaurants, visitors could also enjoy various food selections from the hotel’s restaurant.

At Sundown, the smoke of the smell of burning grill seafood has lead visitors to the restaurant along pantaiSegara Sanur.Sheen buffeted by the seawater and moon beam lights will be creating a romantic atmosphere of restaurant choices of your dinner.

The presence of traditional stalls, which become the spirit of culinary in Sanur, can be perceived while enjoying the Sanur Village Festival. Representation of the restaurant in Sanur is going to be a culinary atmosphere in a class of festival can be enjoyed with a very affordable price for a visitor’s Pocket.

Food bazar festival will be held in Sanur Village Festival from 27th to 30th September 2012 in Maisonette area Inna Grand Bali Beach Sanur. The 7th Sanur Village Festival will be a representation place of stalls and restaurants within Sanur areas.Visitors can determine one wish in one visit complete with music and various performances up in Sanur Village Festival main event.

Ida Bagus Sidharta Putra the chairman of the 7th Sanur Village Festival explained that the event always give portion on culinary tourism because stalls legend have given a share for large development of culinary tours in Sanur. The 7th Sanur Village Festival provides a space of representation for public to visit and experience the various culinary in Sanur. Experiencing the wide varieties of culinary is showing the identity of the diversity of culture, and the 7th Sanur Village Festival celebrates the diversity of those identities.


Denpasar SVF, As in previous years the program environment in the Sanur Village Festival is a reference how SVF consider action to save the earth from global warming impacts are obliged to continue echoed and executed. This year the seventh execution of SVF set course of action to preserve the environment to program 5 R :Reduce (mengurangi), Reuse (menggunakan kembali), ecycling (mendar ulang), Replanting (penanaman kembali), Recovery (pemulihan kembali). “Every action preserve the environment in the SVF is a series of programs from previous years, where the proceedings are part of an integrated effort that continues to be sustainable to be implemented, “said IB Wisnu Diwangkara the Program Coordinator of SVF 2012.

Sanur has the most unique wealth of the eternal order based cosmology. Sanur was the first place that welcomes the sun. The place where the rising sun as a source of life illuminates the universe Bali. Sanur is also the meeting place of fresh water and sea water as well as the meeting of heaven and pertiwi as father and mother earth. The meeting created a magical aura that is very rich for Sanur. Sanur as upstream above the rising sun and the downstream flow of the freshwater balance of Bali, Sanur has an important role so that the existence and sustainability of Bali.

Vishnu added that SVF warmly welcome the presence of the various components of NGOs, Hotel and Restaurant,in the sphere of the communities and school children to participate together in maintaining the balance of nature and continue to make an appreciable act for the planet. The various components that will be involved in the environmental action programs such as SVF 2012 Sanur Development Foundation, BOA (Bali Organic Association, LINE, Bahtera Nusantara Foundation, Karya Segara group, Yayasan Wisnu Bali Insan Creative, Bali Collaboration on Climate Change, the Foundation MACK-PT Intaran, Sindhu Beach Sea Turtle Conservation Group, ECO Sanur, GIZ and Yudhistira Foundation.

A various of SVF programs have a substantial impact on the thousands of mangrove conservation since seven years ago has grown and continues to maintain its survival and also always added acreage planted. Regarding damage to the reef which has been a serious concern has also demonstrated the lives of young corals coral planted in plantation programs annually. Furthermore, as the traditions and restore cycles turtle habitat in Sanur, then the hatchling release program will also be conducted.

While waste a part that is important is also anticipated to continue public education programs and beach clean up regularly. In SVF this year that is not less interesting is the demo of plastic waste into fuel, the public will be invited to learn together and participate directly with recycling bins.

Sanur is a coastal area and a zone of earthquake and tsunami requires special attention. SVF see global climate change with all the disasters should be a concerted effort to link the earthquake and tsunami relief, thereby synergistically with environmental programs that will be implemented will socialize the dangerous of the earthquake and tsunami through socialization earthquake film and tsunami for school children and residents are in general.

In the field of public education and children, SVF will also organize exhibitions environment (both green) and a coloring contest for children with themes that stimulate a love for the environment.

SVF who have given moral influence for people to do something positive to reduce the impact of natural destruction. Although small, when done by a lot of people would be a positive thing and Sanur Village Festival 2012 to be a very appropriate medium to invite the local and international community to do what is best for Bali and Sanur in particular.

Sanur continues to grow with every movement of life of the community as well as the tourism industry and the impact of changes in the pressing nature conservation can not be denied happen and it all comes in sight, an action that stimulates citizens celebrated in honor of Mother Earth in which all life is born and grows, never too late to save the earth from destruction. And SVF comes with local and international communities to celebrate respect for nature synthetically action to save the planet in order to continue sustainably.


DENPASAR SVF. There are at least three courses of chefs associations Indonesia (ICA), which enliven the Sanur Village Festival 2012,such as; Fruits & Vegetable Carving Demo, Ice carving demo and cooking Asian and Europe cuisine demo.

The general coordinator of SVF 2012,  Ida Bagus Wisnu Diwangkara said, the demo of the Indonesian chefs association in Bali is one of the awaited events in the culinary calendar event for local chefs to demonstrate their talent and their exceptional expertise

“Our goal is to organize culinary demo provides an appreciation of the local chef. Pastry and cooking challenge a form that is useful for local chefs to demonstrate their ability to thrive in a  larger scale restaurant industry, and we are very proud of this cooking demo followed by the Local chefs from all over Bali to demonstrate their capability and expertise to process fruits and vegetables into artistic shapes and variety of cuisines both Asia and Europe, which is held over three days from 28 September and ended on 30 September 2012, “said Gus Wisnu, in interrupted his busy at the secretariat of the SVF, a few days ago.

Generally, participants demo of the hotel and restaurant chef in Bali, especially those in Sanur. Local Chef who took part will simultaneously stimulate public interest in the culinary and cultural understanding are involved interactively with the chef who had prepared to process the material to be viewed directly.

The expertise of the chefs can be enjoyed live, how the recipe will be served into a fast food restaurant like a five star hotel. Each chef will prove blend of the spices that have been submitted to the committee.

Meanwhile, according to Gus Wisnu, the themes raised in the ICA in the SVF program this year is Art Creativity Through Gastronomy, we improve the quality of food quality and professionalism in keeping Young in Culinary Cultural treasures.

ICA judging event SVF can provide space for the chef to show his skills as well as test the latest innovations and evolving food menu. While the visitors can see firsthand and can canalized his hobby and see the chef professionally tested recipes with expertise.

Culinary world can not be separated from the role of the chef, and the presence of professional chefs in the SVF as reaffirmed that Sanur with a variety of its culinary worth noting as a culinary destination of Indonesia and Bali in particular.

Trace the Sanur Village by Cycling

DENPASAR SVF, vivid of Cycling on the island of Bali with the flare of many fun bike events as well as the activity of sports cycling downtown and surrounding villages has become a healthy lifestyle, especially the urban community.

Sanur Village Festival 2012 always put the program of cycling or biking around the village of Sanur with landscapes and place of cultural and historic always attracted many cycling enthusiasts both local

people and tourists are visiting to participate enliven the program. Cycling Event in the SVF is a program how to approximate the by cycling in know sanur through a bicycle. Knowing the areas of Sanur certainly not interesting enough on foot or driving a car, but the cycling one can reach the Sanur area complete with its own unique identity has indeed created the popularity of Sanur from time-to time, just call Pura Dalem Pengembak, Pura Belanjong balance sheet, the centers of culinary legend who helped lift Sanur name such as: Mak Beng, Men Weti and the others, with panoramic coastal beauty, historic sites, art galleries to new places as the creation of global developments such as the Sanur Market Sindu the traditional markets, but with the level of the operational and cleanliness are not inferior to the mall or supermarket.

According to Mahmoedi, the coordinator of Sanur 7th Sanur Village Festival 2012 Cycling around the village of Sanur will be held from 26 september to 30 September 2012  divided into two departure time is 10 am to 1 pm and 2 pm to 3 pm. Further, according Mahmoedi the path will be taken from start to finish at least 5 points that will pass Ina Grand Bali Beach Beaches, Le Mayeur Museum, Ceramic and Markets congregation sindhu, balance sheet Belanjong Pura, Pura Pengembak, and back to the finish point.

Full of natural attractions, arts and culture and tourism activities available bike trails comfortable and safe, background old days the participants will be invited to wander while remembering the past with the present. Sanur Village which has a charismatic charm as with pioneer describe Sanur Bali tourism will not be lost in time. Given this reality, the cycling program SVF understand correctly to set a healthy sightseeing to welcome the morning until the afternoon with the impression of always new and very challenging.

Yoga AsanasSegerOger – The Art of Body and Soul as well as Healthiness

Yoga and Sanur Beach are two identities that has been blended with the image of Sanur and keep develop on the society. In the past, before a lot of Yoga Festivals were held in Bali, and yoga class at the hotel, a couple of people has been started yoiga activity at Sanur Beach, known as SegerOger. Were founded by two Brahmin castes in Sanur, Ida BagusCandi and Ida BagusSutama, and keep growing in term of number of members. The extravaganza of Sanur Beach as a place of beach sport activity, become more colorful with the present of Yoga Asana SegerOger.

Celebrate the identity of this Village on the festival, Sanur Village Festival annually always provide a space for the primacy of the village,Denpasar or even Internationally and keep maintain the spirit of heritage. As an activity born in Sanur, Yoga Asana SegerOger has becomes one of those inseparable heritage activity on the 7thSanur Village Festival.

AnnuallySegerOgeralways fill up the main program through yoga asanas activity from morning to evening, yoga workshop during the festival, and yoga art performance on the main stage of Sanur Village Festival. On the 7thSanur Village Festival,SegerOger comes with the concept of the balancing of health, and peaceful inside and outside through yoga. Having yoga in the heart of publics will help maintaining the healthiness of body and soul in term of spiritual tourism. Beginner will found it difficult on doing this during the event, thereforeas a non profit organization, SegerOger will have a free workshop daily on the 7thSanur Village Festival.

According to Ida BagusSutama, the preceptor of Yoga Asana SegerOger Family, the development of the image of yoga on Sanur Village Festival is wrapped on a routine daily activity of SegerOger which hopefully visitors both locally and internationally could see the benefit of the importance of healthy body and soul on a daily life.

The Yoga AsanasSegerOger Family, invite all yogis and public to join the yoga asana activity at the beach of Inna Grand Bali Beach daily. SegerOger will open a space for the public interactive to get a better understanding about yoga and practicing with SegerOger instructor as well as the other invited guest instructor.

Following the theme of the 7thSanur Village Festival “SalampahLaku”, then the Yoga Asana SegerOger Family will respond on how yoga could build the balance of attitude, thought, speak, and act based on the Balinese Hindu’s fundamental “Tri Kaya Parisudha”. The movement of yoga is the manifest of pray with a hope of peaceful and happiness of all living creatures, and the 7thSanur Village Festival celebrate that.


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