Amed is situated in north east Bali. Amed’s villagers exist from salt panning. Arriving there you will notice the woodpiles which are used for this technique of salt extraction. The coral garden starts right off the beach breaking the surface with a staghorn coral field and huge schools of glass fish. This is Bali’s best dive and snorkeling area. The actual dive site can be reached by outrigger boat. The dive starts in a shallow area of 3 to 8 m in a wonderful coral garden.

A 10 minutes Jukung (fishing boat) ride will take you to one of 2 dive sites of 5 to 60 meters deep. The sites offer gorgon, coral reefs and a multitude of nudibranchs and reef fish.In the steep cliff, you will always encounter turtles, gray sharks, or black or white tip shark, groupers, wrasses, and humpback parrotfish.

The pyramids are artificial reefs created some twenty years ago after the passage of el nino attracting a lot of reef fish to protect themselves without forgetting their predators. This dive is about twenty meters away that ends in the cliff of sixty meters which is very contrast.

Lipah bay

This site is located 3 km from Jemeluk. It is a wreck located near the beach. Its depth is 5 meters (ideal for snokerling). This site is the point of departure and return from your dive. This wreck is a small Japanese vessel with a steel hull 20 meters long. It is now beautiful as it is encrusted with gorgon, sponges and black coral. This site is very rich and you will see such as reef fish, ghost fish, juvenile fish, shrimp, crabs and many porcelain nudibranchs.

Marine life: Butterflyfish, basslets, blennies, chromis, damselfish, emperor angelfish, sharks and hermit crabs.
Main Attractions: Shallow dives, snorkelling. Good shallow night dives.Snorkelling is still pleasant here.

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