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Bali Quad Discovery Tours

Becoming to Bali you made a good choice. But don’t think you’ve seen everything here, until you’ve joined our unique quad-discovery-tour, showing you one of the most authentic parts of this overwhelming island, in an adventures way.

We bring you to a place, where life is still the same as it was before, where changes seem to have passed the people without touching their traditional way of living. Share their feeling, to be a part of their “Pulau Dewata “, the island of the Gods and meet the friendly people.

Bali Quad discovery Tours provides organized Off Road Tours in Payangan area with special 4-wheel All Terrain Vehicles ( Quad Motor Bikes and Buggies ), which can be driven by the guests themselves. Purpose is to show them an authentic, unspoiled part of Bali in a highly adventurous way.

You will drive your own ATV 4-wheel motorcycle, specially developed for rough area, or join as a co-pilot, and explore nature, while driving amongst rice field, through the rain forest and traditional villages. Our guides will show you the way. And, be assured that we take care of you personally. That’s why we only handle a small number of participant per day. To assure your personal satisfaction!

publish rates (in $US) 2012 adult Passenger * Child *
Quad and / or buggy driving 98 55 45
Quad and / or buggy driving + tubing 165 115 95
Quad and / or buggy driving + rafting 165 15 95
Quad and / or buggy driving + elephant taro 175 125 105

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