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Tukad Hijau has mainly vertical descents, located in Singaraja area. Tour for autonomous participants or beginners in very good shape and already experienced in rappelling.

It is a dry canyon from June to October. The ideal period to practice it – from November to May, or just right after heavy rains. More than 15 descents in rappel with a fantastic cascade of 50m.  A passage of trekking into the river in the middle of Sirlangjana tropical forest will please all people fascinated by wild nature experience and enthusiastic enough for sporty descents.

Descent: 5 – 6h (according the rate of flow), approach: 15 mn’s walk, return: 20mn’s by Ojek Bali (small local motorbikes). Tukad Hijau is a long Trekking Canyon, you will be surprised by the different views all along the descent.

Price      IDR     Rp.  1 800 000  / pax

Euro  160€    / pax

USD    $220  / pax

  • LOCATION Bali Sirlangjana
  • LEVEL Trekking canyon
  • Minimum number of participants 2
  • Maximum number of participants 6
  • Number of  guides 2
  • Total Trip 6h to 7h
  • Rdv Ubud for check equipment

Or direct from the hotel  if we get the

Registration form fully completed 6h am

  • Start from Ubud to the canyon 6h30 am
  • Time to destinantion  from ubud 1h30
  • Approching hiking 15 mn
  • Descent canyon 5h to 6 h
  • Return hiking 35 mn
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