Tanah Lot Temple

Tanah Lot tourist attraction is located in sub-province of Tabanan, precisely in countryside of Beraban, district of Kediri, sub-province of Tabanan. Tanah Lot tourist attraction visited by one million of domestic and foreign tourist every year, so that Tanah Lot becoming one of the tourism icon in Bali. All of that thing because of Tanah Lot have different characteristic with the other, that is, looks like a floating one if the tide is high but when tide is low, people can walk to the temple. Because of erosion many caves, which are inhabited by sea snakes, are formed. People cannot disturb these snakes because according to the belief, they belong to the God in the temple. Main thing is different like:

Tanah Lot temple nearly in the see when tide is high. For many things this location was something that is interesting . A cave of holly snakes which is located in front of the temple. That people believe they are the guards of the temple  The view of the sunset combine with Tanah Lot temple, being one set that is very enjoyable to watch. Living cultural present a regular ceremony every six month where there where another ceremony at the same week in Pakendungan temple.

Tanah Lot is rocky beaches in effort of making nice wave.
Because of the beauty, many tourists domestic or international come to this place. But if seen from management process, realized that the management of Tanah Lot need to increase creativity and performance to developing Tanah Lot Area. about package tours  read more……..



Destination from Tabanan city  ± 13 km
Destination from Denpasar is about ± 20 km
Wide : 202.830 m²
Circle : 2.509 m
North : Rice Field
East : Bali Nirvana Resort
South : Indian Ocean
West : Indian Ocean and River of Kutikan

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Rock Hole
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