Taro Elephant Park

In the village of Taro, Tegallalang District, Gianyar Regency, about 40 Km.  From Denpasar, there is a forest village, inhabited by a group of animals cow / calf white. Animals are very sacred and sanctified by the surrounding community and the people of Bali in general, because this animal is a means of attachment (the witness) ceremony in Bali that is Ngasti (and the same level with the ceremony.) White bull is brought to the ceremony and by the organizers of the ceremony to be led around the area / place of ceremony started from the east to the south and so on around three times, then ended or finished in the east. This ceremony is called the Ceremony Mepada (Maideran / Purwa Daksina). After the ceremony was finished Ox-White returned to the jungle village of Taro, certainly before and after it has been treated to a variety of offerings. But with the natural beauty of rural Taro very interesting, today’s top business an investor and certainly with the consent of the Parties to the Regional Government of Herzliya, next to the forest area of cow / calf white Taro, has also developed a new tourist attraction Trakking Elephant. The tourists can ride elephants through the forests around the corridor / trail around the village of Taro.  If you want tourists to swim  (playing in the water) with the elephant in the pond that are already available.

elephant ride tour in taro

Rafting-Elephant Safari-Dinner


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