Bali Quad Discovery Tours is located near Payangan, one of the oldest mountain villages of Bali. Only 15 km south of Kintamani, on the slopes of the mount Batur, and next to the Ayung river valley, it offers some views beyond description of emerald green rice fields on the steep Ayung slopes. This part of Bali is probably one of the most preserved parts of the island. Only one hour driving from all main tourist destinations, but yet so pure and authentic, and not yet touched by the influence of tourism. In the area one can find some of the most beautiful  rice fields on the island, without the presence of many tourists, as you will find in other parts of the island. The area here is famous for its salak fruit, or the so called “snake fruit” (this as the skin resembles the skin of a snake). Salak fruit can only be found in a few places in the world, besides in Indonesia also in Malaysia and Thailand. Afficionados of the salak claim that those grown in Bali are the best found anywhere in Asia. The flavour of a ripe salak is intriguing, neither sweet nor sour, faintly nutty, with an excellent crisp texture. Also many palm trees can be found in the area around Payangan.


The cocos palm is being used for lots of different purposes. The strong wood serves as a construction material, the leaves are used for doormats and baskets, and furthermore the cocospalm delivers cocosmilk and cocos oil. Besides this vegetation, a wide selection of different fruits and vegetables grow without difficulty in the fertile lava soil, and are mainly used for own purpose by the local people, or traded on the local market. While driving through the forest, our Quad Discovery Tour makes a stop at a traditional house, where the people live without any modern comfort, but all different kinds of fruits and vegetables, as well as herbs and plants for medical purpose, grow richly around the house. The people are completely self supplying. Our guests can see all different kinds of plants and trees, like rambutan, papaya, jack fruit, coffee, avocado etc. etc, and taste local coffee, prepared on a fire (with aqua) and salak fruit. During the tour, our guests will pass various temples, that truly contribute to the saying ”island of thousand temples”, as temples can be found everywhere in this area. The length of the tour is approx. 18km, driven in 2 hours ( buggy + quad ). After the tour, an extended lunch buffet is served in our restaurant.

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