Have you ever wondered what walking at the bottom of the ocean feels like? Now, for the first time in Bali you can do it. You can walk right through bottom of ocean and witness the sea life in person! Our unique diving system. Early Morning will take you down under the sea.

A safe and exciting underwater adventure, Sea walker’s unique diving system. Early Morning provides an opportunity to observe underwater world to a depth of 15 feet without problem. Early Mornings, and without getting their hair wet.

You will actually walk on bottom, rather than swim, while numerous exotic fish and sea life go about their rituals. You will have 25 minutes of actual underwater walk time to a maximum depth of 15 feet.

A large, full-faced window Sea walker helmet offers a close up view of the amazing creatures right in front of your eyes. Those with heart or lung problem. Early Mornings, on medication, pregnant, asthma or other respiratory ailments, etc are not allowed to dive.

A Sea walker safety lesson before dive covering hand signals, Early Morning emergency procedures, clearing ears, and so on is included. Instructions available in Japanese or English.

Tour time : Approximately 3 to 4 hours from pick up to drop off
If you have your own underwater camera, camera should be good for depth up to 8 meters. Quick snap marine camera is available to rent.

Get Special combination sea Walker plus Rafting same price ….  Bali Big Day Out Seawalker Rafting




Transport Seawalker by Gus aik on

Transport Seawalker
Gus aik

See Walker Sanur Service Included

* Hotel transfer in A/C coach or minivan

* Mineral water

* Safety instruction

* Support by professional Seawalker instruction

* Use of seawalker safety equipment

* Use of towels, lockers, changing room, and shower facilities

* Tea or coffee and cake

* US$ 100.000 insurance coverage

What to bring

– Swimsuit

– Sunscreen

– Money for your drink in restaurant and for an underwater picture if you need

– If you want to use your own underwater camera, make sure it is designed to be used down to a depth at least 8 meters

– A change of clothes

Sea Walker Itinerary

Allows everyone to enjoy the marine life with minimum equipment and minimum fuss

1 After change into your swimsuit, then its off to Sea walker station- it takes only 3 minutes from the beach

2 Stay calm, our staffs will serve you well, and you dont have to worry about anything! Fresh air is constantly supplied from a hose to the helmet

3 you go down the stairs to the bottom of the sea while seeing the wild fish surrounding you

4 just walk in ! Our instructors will always accompany you during the activity , Just relax and feel your closely ness to the nature

5 with our unique helmet design, you can get face to  face with the sea  life and be able to take a breathe the same as you do on the surface  you do not even get your hair wet and also you still can wear your glass or contact lenses

Sea Walker Questions and Answers

Q : Do I need to have aqualification to take part in seawalker?

A : No-you don’t need any previous training or experience.

Q : Do I need to know how to swim?

A : No -lots of our customers do not know how to swim, in fact for many, it is their first time in the ocean.

Q : Will be some one with me ?

A : yes – Trained Sea walker instuction will be with you at all times underwater.

Q : My Children and I are not that strong- can we still do it ?

A : Yes- The Specially design Seawalker helmest weight only 12 pounds underwater, so even children as young as ten can give it a try.

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