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Located 2 km to the north of Bali’s international airport Kuta is far and away the most popular beach amongst visitors to Bali. The majority Bali’s visitors will not want to pass up a chance to visit Kuta Beach. In the daytime Kuta is famous for its surf, a sand bottomed break making it safe and accessible for beginner surfers, however to get the best of Kuta we recommend you visit at sunset, enjoying a cold drink at one of the many restaurants, Warung (small restaurants) or beach vendors if you prefer the feel the sand between your toes as you watch the sun go down. Crowds go hand in hand with Kuta beach’s popularity but a trip to Bali isn’t complete without the ‘Kuta sunset’ experience. Kuta is perfect to soak up the stunning Balinese coastline with all your needs catered for within walking distance.





Uluwatu, located in southeast Bali and facing the Hindi ocean, is a stunning and easily accessible tourist destination. A major draw for visitors is the 50 meter high Taft Pura, built on the cliff edge. A Balinese Kecak Dance is performed at various times during the day, so you can absorb some Balinese culture, or just enjoy one of Bali’s iconic sunset locations. As with most Balinese temples, Uluwatu temple is home to a group of monkeys, bananas are available to feed the monkeys, but whilst walking its best to keep them in a bag or pocket to avoid being the target of unwanted primate attention! The world famous Uluwatu surf break is 15 minutes back up the Uluwatu temple road, (you will pass the famous Padang Padang break on the way). Uluwatu and Padang Padang are famous for their ability to handle larger swells than many of the islands reefs, but Uluwatu works in most conditions. Be warned- Uluwatu and Padang Padang are large breaks, with sharp bottoms making them for advanced surfers only! There are plenty of other smaller, safer and quieter breaks to hone your skills first more




About 45 minutes outside of Kuta is Tanah Lot. Tanah Lot is a small rock island famed for its exquisite temple. Unique in the fact that though located just off shore, at low tide it is easily reachable by foot. One of Bali’s major Pura besides Sad Khayangan located in Beraban Village. Easy to reach and well signposted, and, as with most famous Balinese temples, amazing sunsets, definitely worth a visit! more



Kintamani is one of the favorite destinations for both domestic and international tourists, Located in Bangli Regency it’s major draw is the panoramic views of the Lake below and Mount Batur above. Still categorized as an active volcano, the mountain is the second highest on Bali after Mount Agung at Besakih. We recommend visiting at lunch time, so you can enjoy great local cuisine whilst taking in the beauty of the scenery surrounding Lake and Mount Batur.

Whilst up in the hills many people like to visit the Trunyan Village, 20 minutes walk after crossing the river, home to unique funeral processions involving menyan wood infusions, and a good place for the culturally minded traveler to experience Bali’s more traditional side, which has stayed better preserved in the hills. Alternatively take a trip to the ‘serene mountain’ enjoy views of Lake Beratan and its hilly surroundings from one of the many restaurants and warung serving international and local dishes. If you still have the energy after lunch and want something a bit more exhilarating speedboats can be hired for use on the lake.



The River Ayung is the longest and largest river in Bali and was the first to introduce the sport of white water rafting. To the west side of the river are panoramic views that keep you gazing into the distance, but be sure to have your eyes back on the water by the next set of challenging rapids. The environment of the surrounding areas of the river have escaped heavy development and are home to a variety of wild animals including bats, black monkeys, magpies and more making rafting at Ayung a fun experience with amazing scenery and native Balinese wildlife to top it off.



Sanur Beach, the beach is known for sunrise, only 6 km from Denpasar reached by car, bicycle or public transport linking the city of Denpasar, Sanur Beach.
Sanur area, known as the initial development of tourism in Bali with the participation of hotels in Bali at the first Bali tourism develops. Sanur Beach is busy with the visit of foreign tourists and local domestic . Every week and holidays, instead of choice for leisure and recreation in urban Denpasar while bathing in the sea

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Trunyan Village is located between Lake Batur and the outer crater rim of Mount Batur, and only accessible by boat. It is a Bali Aga village, inhabited by descendants of the original Balinese, the people who predate the arrival of Hindu Majapahit Kingdom in the 16th century.
Trunyan Village is well-known for its Pancering Jagat Temple, but visitors are not allowed to enter….. Read More

The Art of Bali

The art life’s especially in Bali, can not be separate from worship, tradition, culture, and ritual of Balinese inhabitants. You can find the art elements i.e. dancing, painting and carving arts whether directly in almost very sacerd ritual that Balinese has…. read more


Info Kuliner warung -Restaurant at Bali

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