BANGLI Regency

Bangli Regency

Bangli regency is one of regencies in the Bali province that doesn’t have sea area, but Bangli regency has the number of the human resources of the power that is to say, among other things the panorama of the beauty of the Mount Batur and the Batur lake that located in Subdistrict Kintamani. The regency of the region of Bangli is near 520,81 kilometers, inside administrative divided in village 4 subdistrict,There Are Kintamani, Susut, Tembuku, Bangli, 4 administrative village and 65, with the resident amount as much 197,210 people. Amount of the manual labor to 121,563 people. The priority of the development of Bangli put in economic area with emphasis of the agricultural sector in the meaning, the wide tourism and industrialist of the small art that supports specially the tourism Industries nationals doing by hand/diligence of the bamboo is to do by hand small/diligence of the industry in the regency of Bangli represents the preeminent matter with the local raw material made available still enough. Doing by hand/diligence observed fas the bamboo of the growth, with the location that separated in the Kubu village, the Kayubihi village, subdistrict Bangli, the Tanggahan village and three subdistrict, Susut. To type the production for example: comfortably the flower, the curtain of the lamp, chanp, the purse and multifarious of the other mat of bamboo. Until the reach 2,966 of the amount of the unit of the effort of the year units 2000 absorbingly work as much to 4,838 employees. The wood doing by hand /de the diligence is also preeminent product of the regency of Bangli.

Location to by hand run/errand of the wood going the round one of the village of Tembuku, village of Yangapi, subdistrict Tembuku Bangli, village of Abangsongan, village of Abangbatudinding, village of Suter, village of Banua, subdistrict Kintamani Bangli, village of Sekaan, subdistrict Kintamani, Bangli, village of Serokadan, subdistrict Bangli of the village of Demulih. Doing by hand/Keris diligence, gold, considered brass and silver of the raw material that used that this doing by hand/diligence does not use the local raw material but to summarize employees who are elaborated this by hand doing/diligence is enough. This doing by hand located for example in the administrative village of Kubu, subdistrict of Bangli, village of Undisan, village of Peninjoan, subdistrict of Tembuku, village of Apuan, subdistrict of the village of Bangbang of the village of Tanggahan de Susut. To type the production of which it does by hand under the form of: keris, accessories of silver, yellow copper accessories, Balinese wrap the accessories. To summarize this a used until reaches of the year 2000 112 units, that 467 employees used. Doing by hand/diligence of the clothes of the local substance of the use of the clothes but also has good growth of the perspective. To year 2000 amounts of east unit effort reach 156 units that is used 1,478 employees. Location of this doing by hand/diligence for example in the village of Bangbang, village of Tamanbali, subdistrict of the village of Bunutin de Bangli. The Arabica of the Copy is preeminent product of the regency of the garden of Bangli with potential areas near 18,775 you have. The location of the garden that has done near 8.377.495 you have, and the garden has been on 6,734.001ha.


There are some interesting Tourism object in Bangli Regency :


  • Bukit Jati This hilly place is an ideal place for trekking, hiking. From the hill’s top, guests can see beautiful rice terraces down below on the slope. Its combination with the distant sea creates a fantastic view. You can simply do the trekking along the rice fields and if you feel you need a shower, then you can join locals having a bath at the available river.
  • Kehen Temple Kehen Temple is one of ancients temples in Bali where were housed three old bronze-made manuscripts. This temple is worshipped by the people around of the village. The ceremony takes place on ‘Buda Kliwon Shinta’ where Ngusaba ceremony is held one in a three years period, which is fall on ‘Purnama Kelima’ around November This place can be reached by any mode of transports through a well keptashalted road, or a short walk from Sasana Budaya Giri Kusuma Cultural Hall.
  • Trunyan Village Bali Age Trunyan Village is located between Lake Batur and the outer crater rim of Mount Batur, and only accessible by boat. It is a Bali Aga village, inhabited by descendants of the original Balinese, the people who predate the arrival of Hindu Majapahit Kingdom in the 16th century. Read more




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