Tabanan regency is one of several districts and municipalities in the Province of Bali. located in the southern island of Bali, Tabanan regency has an area of ​​839.33 km ² which consists of mountainous and coastal regions. Geographically, the region of Tabanan is located between the 1140-54 ’52 “east longitude and 80 14′ 30” – 80 30’07 “south latitude.

Topography of Tabanan is located between altitude 0-2276 m above sea level, with details on the height of 000-500 m above sea level is a flat area with a slope of 2-15%. While at an altitude of 500-1000 m above sea level is flat to sloping areas with a slope of 15-40%. In areas that have a slope of 2-15% and 15-40% is a pretty fertile area where farmers engaged in agriculture to make ends meet. In areas that have a height above 1,000 m above sea level and with a slope of 40% over an area of ​​hilly and steep.
The boundaries of Tabanan is included: in the north bordering the Buleleng district, bordered by a row of mountains like Mount Batukaru (2276 m), Mount Sanghyang (2023 m), Mount Pohen (2051 m), Mill Mountain (2082 m ), and Mount Beratan (2020 m); on the east by the Badung regency, which is limited by Yeh Tukad Sungi, Tukad Ukun and Tukad Yeh Yeh Penet. In the south bordered by the Indian Ocean, with a length of 37 km wide beach, on the west border with Jembrana District bounded by Tukad Yeh Let.
Area Tabanan regency is one of the 9 regencies / cities of the area of ​​839.33 km2 or 14.90% of Bali province, and lies at an altitude region 0-2276 m above sea level. A total of 23,358 hectares or 28.00% of land area in Tabanan district is paddy fields, so the Tabanan regency is known as an agricultural area.
As is well understood together, that potential is superior Tabanan agriculture because most of their livelihood, cornerstone of the regional economy, as well as land use Tabanan region still dominated by agriculture in the broad sense
Tabanan regency consists of 10 Districts (Tabanan district, Kediri District, District Kerambitan, Selemadeg District, District of West Selemadeg, East Selemadeg District, District Penebel, Pupuan District, District Highways, and the District Baturiti), in Tabanan regency administration in 2006 has 123 villages offices, 345 village pekraman, 784 offices and 365 subak banjo, with a population in 2006 as many as 410,162 people consisting of 203,394 souls of the male population and female population of 206,768 souls. There are 25 objects and tourist attraction consisting of natural attractions as much as 17 objects, historical attractions as much as 1 object and cultural attractions as many as 7 points, and has a five-star hotel accommodation tourism as much as 2 pieces with a capacity of 225 rooms, hotels are 28 pieces with a capacity of 381 rooms and 40 cottage units with capacity of 244 rooms. The number of restaurants and as many as 45 restaurants and bars as much as 2 pieces of fruit.

Tabanan regency located in tropical areas with two different seasons between dry season and rainy season with a season punctuated transition. The air temperature varies and is also determined by altitude, averaging around 27.60 C. The situation of irrigation is influenced by the form of the coast and rainfall is the source of water storage and runoff water beside the lake which covers about 377 hectares located in District Baturiti. Based on the potential and conditions of Tabanan, Macroeconomic assumptions as a basis for policy in the preparation of the Budget is the rate of economic growth in Tabanan regency. The aim is to be realized is the growth of agriculture-based rural industries as a media strategy to spur the economy villagers (farmers) with increasing value-added industrial farmers through post-harvest handling and processing diaharapkan will improve the welfare of the community

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