The Art of Bali

The Art of Bali

The art life’s especially in Bali, can not be separate from worship, tradition, culture, and ritual of Balinese inhabitants. You can find the art elements i.e. dancing, painting and carving arts whether directly in almost very sacerd ritual that Balinese has.

Baris Dance

(This dance depicts the art soldier movement and step)

It is a ceremonial dancing, with is name taken from word called bebaris that is similar to pasukan. This dance are performed by group of men, usually numbered from 8 to 40 dancers or mor with firmand dynamic movements, accompanied by Gong Kebyar and Gong Gede as its music arrangement. Every group brings weapon, ceremonial equipment and wears costumes in diverse colors, which eventually become names of kinds of Baris Dance.

Janger Dance

(Youth Gathering Dancing)

It is youth gathering dancing, which involves singing in between the dance and usually, performedby 10 pairs of couples. It is a joyfull dance, which the songs are sung one to another as if echo. Sometimes there is even flattering activities while the dance performance. The dancers who perform this dance are demanded to dance in the same dirctions, so that it will create beautiful dancing movements. It is usually accompanied by Gong Kebyar as its music arrangement.

Calon Arang

(Mogical Dance )

This dance has famous for it magic. It is only performed in certain occasions, for example when there is a ceremony at Pura Dalem, i.e a place for worship of Siwa. Its drama identically depicts black and white elements. It teaches us about the importance of balancing for human being. They conclude that there is no white insight if there is no black either and vice versa.

The story of the dance begins with the story about Airlangga, a King who led Kahuripan Kingdom in East Java in 9th century. There is a mother, named Calon Arang, who were insulted and disappointed by the betrayal of her son in-laes Empu Bahula, who is also son of Empu Bharadah  (master of white insight) . His father made him marrying Diah Ratna Mengali in order to grab a magic book owned by his mother in-laws. This dance is also showing performance of mask dance, such as Rangda ang Barong….

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