Gitgit Waterfall

This Waterfall located in the Village District Gitgit Sukasada. From the Singaraja city located 11 km to the south toward the Village Pancasari and Bedugul. Waterfall-altitude ± 35 feet is very beautiful and has a beautiful panorama and are in cool temperate environments. Get off on foot after parking place Gitgit past, some local youths organized by the local traditional village offers tours take the tourists to this beautiful waterfall. In addition to the pounding sound of the waterfall and chirping birds, a paddy field, clove and coffee plantations / as well as bamboo plants along the road to the waterfall presents a peaceful and natural atmosphere. How Water Terjunkah you visit during your tour to the region do Gitgit Village? What we know in the village there are three tourist sites Gitgit Waterfall (Waterfall Gitgit, Story Waterfall, Waterfall Campuhan) And please note that the recent August / September 2008 has reopened tourism locations Gitgit Waterfall Waterfall named “dab Pamor” The waterfall is located not far from the waterfall is already often we visit. Precisely waterfall is located in the south of Waterfall locations Gitgit. The entrance road to this location about 100 meters from the car park Gitgit Waterfall, exactly the right way the first corner there are signs that read simple board Waterfall “dab Pamor”. Venue location Waterfall distance of approximately 500 meters from the highway agency, which is still so natural atmosphere will be very challenging for those of you who travel trecking hooked. Will feel comfortable here because it would be much sound the roar of noise, the atmosphere here is still maintained natural  intentionally. Along the road you will find plantations of cloves, coffee, nutmeg, and cocoa.

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