Iseh village

Iseh is one of the villages that are part of the district of Sidemen, Karangasem regency. Iseh developed as an object and tarikwisata power because it has a stunning natural beauty. Located about 42 km from Denpasar City, access to Iseh can be reached by public transportation via the department Satria Village, Dawan sub district, Klungkung Regency.

Natural beauty of the main attraction with a background full of natural life of rural tranquility and peacefulness attracting many tourists to stay longer. Overlay plots of terraced rice fields with the activities of traditional farmers, winding rivers, and majestic Mount Agung which appeared in the distance is one unit of stunning natural beauty.
In addition to the panorama of nature, Iseh also interesting to be used as a trekking tour. In this place also can be obtained woven fabric and songket endek Karangasem typical processed with traditional loom (ATBM).
Iseh famous since colonial times. The world famous painter, Walter Spies (1895-1942) once lived and built a small hut as a studio where he painted. In this place a lot produced his best paintings. In addition to painting, Walter Spies was also interested in studying the gamelan, he even became an advocate 2 sekeha (group) gamelan as a form of close interaction with local communities. But unfortunately, Walter Spies eventually become victims when Japanese bombers sank the ship which host the refugees to India in 1942. Bali has lost one of his best friend. Another famous painter who later emerged was Theo Meier, a Swiss citizen on March 31, 1908. Village Iseh with the background of Mount Agung, community life and local customs to inspire the object of his paintings. Both the famous painter was immense natural beauty of his work in introducing the village of Iseh. More about eastern of bali….

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