ATV is a four-wheel-motorcicle, commonly used to agriculture or recreatition.It’s hight-tire-wheels are modified specifically for off-road environment,with 250 cc or 350 cc engine power.Easy to drive on wet condition and reliable control to maneuver jumps.

We have an armada of reliable five-gear-level YAMAHA brand, in both semi automatic and manual clutch.They are designed to yield powerful performance with outstanding balance even on high speed level.If you follow instruction and ride carefully, it’s guareanteed to be an unforgettable and exciting journey.

We are pioneer to ATV ride in the Island and take pride on our thrilling adrenalin-pumping adventure.Since 1998, we have been striving to achieve high customer satisfaction, pursuit on excellence with uncompromised safety standard.We located in Tabanan regency, right on the feet of Batukaru Mountain, famous for its breathtaking scenery of largest paddy terrace Bali.Lots of rain provides fresh pleasentweather ( under 25 degree C ) and thrilling route all year long.Challenge yourself to an exhilirating adventure in the Island of the Gods.

With its power it can passed which motor cycle commonly doesn’t . It is YAMAHA product that has five gear level. Some used semi automatic clutch and another used manual clutch. It is balance, it can not turn upside down except you turning suddenly very sharp with high speed. If you followed its instruction and ride carefully , it has exciting journey.

Paddy Adventure is a company which provided its off road adventure. It taking location at Tabanan regency exactly in the bottom of Batukaru Mountain. Here its weather is under 20 degree and almost get rain every afternoon. Paddy terraces and beautiful view is remind us that Tabanan is the most of rice field in Bali.


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