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Safari Lion Package

Bali Safari Marine Park is the latest creation from the operators of the world renowned Taman Safari Indonesia, a name known for more than 20 years for its creative, back to nature animal exhibits and incessant conservation work. Building upon the innovations of their existing parks at Bogor near Jakarta and Prigen near Surabaya, and using the latest in concepts in park design. Taman Safari Indonesia has exceeded all expectations with their newest park. Set on 40 hectares of land with breathtaking natural surroundings at the cultural centre of Bali, Gianyar, Bali Safari and Marine Park is extremely active in assisting the protection and conservation of endangered species that are constantly losing their habitat. This includes helping scientists by carrying out research on many different wild animals conservation projects. Bali Safari & Marine park also runs conservation and education campaigns and other extension activities.

Safari Lion Package:

  • Safari Journey trip ( 1 time )
  • Front of the line
  • Fresh Water Aquarium
  • Animal Encounter  ( 1 time )
  • Water Park
  • Fun zone ride ( 2 time )
  • Lunch at Tsavo Restaurant

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