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It is on the half day tour to find the beauty of Bali. It begins to see the dreamland beach in Bali. Afterwards, we take you to Uluwatu temple that hang on the clip and surrounded by lots of monkeys. The scenery of the temple becomes perfect with the beauty of the sunset. The most unique dance called kecak and fire dance will attract you near the temple. The Kecak Dance while look this sunset is every night performed and very popular.
About 50 male choruses like “Cak Cak Cak…” are rhythmical. In addition, demon king Rahwana or white monkey Hanoman are approach the seat and shake hands with a spectator, take a photograph pose… very interesting.
The fire dance by Hanoman is performed at the end of dance,too. You can watch powerful Fire Dance at under your nose. The last stop, we take you to taste the fresh sea food on the most romantic beach in Jimbaran.


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