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Ubud Village Tour

Half day  bali tours program, the tours from the hotel we direct to Batuan temple as the start point for our half day journey. There we’ll see the beautiful temple belong to the local villagers and after seeing around we move towards Celuk to see local people making silver and gold, that is, this village widely known as the center of gold and silver smith. Afterwards, we move to Monkey forest which is inhabited by more or less 340 long-tailed monkeys. After getting around for a few moments in this area, we continuo to Puri Ubud as the palace the India holly man named Rsi Markaneya embarked on a spiritual journey across Java and eventually came to the island of Bali to spread the teachings of Hinduism. And lastly, we take you to Pasar Ubud in which textiles and metal-works are among the local treasures found at this popular art market. Here, you are free to choose buying some Balinese typical souvenirs as memoria in Bali when you are back to your country.

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