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It is Saha Dewa in Batubulan Village to perform Kecak dance publicly every day. As for Kecak dance, Uluwatu temple and Ubud are famous, but, in fact, even Batubulan Village which is nearer to the southern part resort than Ubud is performed publicly every day. The meeting place is very large, and a stage is the outdoors, but the seat is all right even in a season in wet season because it is shop having roots. After Kecak Dance of about 45 minutes, “Sanphan Jalan” dancing in dancing “Sanphan Dudari” and the flame which are against a demon is danced. As for Sanphan Jalan in particular, the man who belonged under a transformer state sits astride the model of the horse and, with a thing dancing it in a lump of blazing coconut, is impressive at all.

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