GILI CAT Enterprise

Gili Cat is a fiberglass catamaran built in Australia to international survey standard. Our 12.00 m vessel is powered by twin Suzuki 250hp four stroke engines and capable of cruising comfortably at 30 knots. We seat 16 passengers under cover. We get you there in the minimum time, and as dry as when you stepped on the boat. There is ample room to stow luggage and each passenger is allowed a two bags. We have the latest in safety features and equipment, and a SOLAS standard life preserver for every passenger.  Characteristics and facilities on board: fuel capacity 1400 lt, range 450 miles, toilet, radar, GPS, depth sounder, ship-to-shore radio, life raft (capsule), life preservers (SOLAS), fire extinguisher, EPIRB
Safety Features

Gilicat was built in Australia by Noosa Cat to the highest standards using the latest materials and technology. It is compliant with and has been issued with a Passenger Ship Safety Certificate (PSSC) and International Safety Management System, Ships Management Certificate (SMC) .

The Safety Equipment on board includes:

  • Certified 25 man Life Raft
  • 20 adult and 5 child’s Life Jackets, SOLAS approved and imported from Australia
  • 2 Life Rings fitted with Emergency Lights
  • Emergency Position Indicating Radio Beacon (EPIRB) GME
  • Radar, Furuno
  • Global Positioning System and Plotter (GPS) Furuno
  • Depth Sounder, Furuno
  • VFH Radio, Icom
  • 2 Dry Powder 4.5 kgs Fire Extinguishers

GILI CAT Schedule

We offer daily departures from our dedicated facility in Padang Bai direct to Gili Trawangan and Teluk Kode. Estimated time at sea is 80 minutes, contingent upon weather conditions.

If your staying in the south of Bali, no problem! We offer free of charge transfers from the Sanur and Kuta area to Padang Bai and back. Driving time is approximately 1 hr. And for your luggage, we have porters at all our points of departure and arrival at no extra cost to you!

Why GILI CAT start from Padang Bai

As Marine Tourism professionals with extensive experience operating vessels in and around the Badung and Lombok Strait and Eastern Indonesia, we have an excellent understanding of this seaway and a healthy respect for the ocean.  While the route between Benoa and Lombok can often offer a smooth and enjoyable passage, just as often, it can be less than ideal. As experienced seaman, we understand that a smooth sea passage on a sunny morning is a real pleasure, however we also understand that a less than ideal crossing is far from the image most people have of their journey between two islands.

GILI CAT Itinerary

Departure from Padang Bai – Disembarkation in Teluk Kode – Disembarkation in Gili Trawangan

Departure from Gili Trawangan – Passengers pick- up in Teluk Kode – Disembarkation in Padang Bai

Daily Schedule

Passengers traveling between Padang Bai and Teluk Kode

Padang Bai

Embarkation: 08.30. Vessel departure: 09.00. Disembarkation Teluk Kode: 10.30

Teluk Kode

Embarkation: 12.15 Vessel departure: 12.30 Disembarkation Padang Bai: 14.00

Passengers traveling between Padang Bai and Gili Trawangan.

Padang Bai

Embarkation: 08.30. Vessel departure: 09.00. Disembarkation Gili Trawangan: 11.00

Gili Trawangan

Embarkation: 11.30 Vessel departure: 12.00 Disembarkation Padang Bai: 14.00

Gili Cat Conditions Of Carriage

The company reserves the right to vary the service in any way whatsoever without any liability to the passenger.

The company is not a common carrier and reserves the right to refuse to carry any passenger or goods without assigning reason therefore.

Each passenger is entitled to have not more than 2 pieces luggage and 2 surf board per person carried free of charge. If loading is available then excess luggage will be carried at the company’s standard rates, and if loading is not available then the company may arrange to forward excess at the passenger’s own risk expense and by other means of transport specified by the passenger. The passenger shall not take onto the vessel or include in his luggage any explosives, volatile spirits, corrosives, any easily ignitable articles or offensive thing likely to cause inconvenience to other passengers or anything likely to endanger the vessel, other passengers or goods.  The company accepts no responsibility for loss, damage or injury to luggage or loss damage or injury to the passenger arising out of or in any way incidental or connected to the service or the accommodation of the passenger or the transfer of any luggage between the vehicle and/or the vessel and/or any place of accommodation whether such loss, damage or injury may be due or alleged to be due to negligence or misconduct on the part of the company, it’s servants or agents or otherwise howsoever.

The passenger shall comply with the instructions of the company’s servants and agents concerning all matters connected with the service and shall comply with any notice exhibited on the vessel.

The passenger whilst on the vessel shall not consume any intoxicating beverage unless it has been sold or otherwise supplied to him on board by servants of the company.

The company shall not be liable for any loss, damage or injury which may arise or be alleged to arise in the event of cancellation of the service or the abandonment of the service during the course thereof (should the company or any of its servants or agents in their absolute discretion decide that such abandonment is necessary) or of any deviation or delay in the service arising from any cause whatsoever. In any such event the company shall not be liable in any way for the cost of any accommodation or for any alternative means of travel which may arise and additional expense so arising shall be the sole liability and responsibility of the passenger.  The company may arrange for any other person to undertake the service hereby contracted or for any part thereof and such person or his service or agents shall be entitled to the benefit of these conditions to the same extent of the company as if such person were a party to this contract.

The company reserves the right, in the event of a ticket or booking being canceled  by the passenger, to charge cancellation fees in accordance with the company’s current scale of refunds.

This contract is subject to and shall be construed in accordance with the laws of Indonesia and the passenger agrees to submit to the non-exclusive jurisdiction of the laws of that country.

No condition of carriage other than set out on this page will be recognized. This contract may only be varied by agreement in writing between the company and the passenger.

Hotel Pick Up Time

Sanur : 07.00 -07.30

Kuta : 06.30 – 07.00

Nusa Dua : 06.30 – 07.00

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