Sub with 7 villages and 1 municipality is arguably the region that lucky. Tourism activities in the District of Ubud grow and develop and able to provide accumulation of various sectors, including services such as hospitality, banking and various art activities craft industry.
Ubud is one place art in Bali. The place has been famous since ancient times, approximately since the 1920s. When the artist, component and educated people from the west (offshore) came to seek enjoyment of life. Ubud is famous for his paintings, sculptures – statues, handicrafts, gambelan (traditional music) and dance. Many paintings depict about Bali that bias in the can in a small gallery in arround ubud gallery, and there are also museums such as the Neka Art Museum, Lempad Gallery, Castle Museum Gallery of paintings and Antonio Blanco. To gambelan, traditional musical instruments and dance of Bali can be found in an art studio as “Sekehe Sadya Gong Culture” or traditional music organizations that normally perform overseas to Europe and the States – Countries Asia. Prioritizing enduring major art performing arts and Activities ritual. To achieve an aesthetic success Sada Culture continued its development by expanding its capabilities in played gambelan. Ubud can be found at many luxury hotels and hotel art hotel also economy class hotel. Ubud village is also referred to as foreign tourists.. Also many places attractions such as the monkey forest and other. What is the nature of the people in Ubud who always received good every tourist who came to Ubud. Ubud is known as the cultural center of Bali, this place has attracted the attention of tourists are fascinated with the culture of Bali since many decades ago, where artists, composers and western scholars come to create and conduct research while enjoying the happiness of life in Ubud. Ubud is famous for painting, sculpture, art of percussion and also the art of dance, but other than that there are various attractions within the city, Ubud also has temples, ancient heritage and craft centers of interest to visit the town exists in some city. Central of contained in the intersection where the market and public transportation terminals meet. Every week in Ubud staged many performances of traditional arts such as dance Kecak, Legong, Barong, Mahabharata, Ramayana, Muffet and Gamelan music. This area there are many luxury hotels, artistic and simple accommodation of interest of tourists, even Ubud often gets the title as the “Village Tourism”.

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